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SuRF (Sustainable Remediation Forum) Italy is a voluntary group of public and private bodies, interested in the promotion of sustainability applied to remediation of contaminated sites, through:

  • the involvement of the actors in choosing the best strategies and technologies for the
    remediation procedure
  • definition of common tools and guidelines
  • good practices sharing
  • support to regulation review.

The possible Italian definition of the concept of sustainability applied to remediation is that of “a process for management and remediation of a contaminated site, aimed at identifying the best solution, that maximizes the benefits of its implementation when considering environmental, social and economic factors, through a balanced decision process, agreed by stakeholders”.

SuRF is a workgroup of Reconnet: 4th Sustainable Remediation Conference 2016 (April 25-28), Montreal (Canada):
SuRF is a workgroup of Reconnet SuRFis a national partner of 3rd International Conference on Sustainable Remediation 2014